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Flexible modern enterprise

Easily hit your 2021 goals with Wrike work Management platform and keep moving forward。

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Our Story

More than 20,000 customers around the world to bring a pleasant experience and trust

A successful client instance for Wrike

Use expert advice, training and support to optimize your Wrike and meet your goals。

Professional service
Professional service

Wrike offers a variety of Professional service combinations to help your team get started。Our consulting team will ensure that you get the most from collaborative work management solutions。

Customer success partnerships
Customer success partnerships

We are your trusted partner, providing best practices and advice tailored to your goals and business goals to make sure you can succeed on your Wrike。

Global support
Global support

Wrike offers help with your questions and concerns through an instruction centre, email, online chat and phone。 During your business hours, in the way you want, choose the language you use to get assistance。

Prepare your team for success。

Complete Enterprise project management software trusted by more than 20,000 enterprises。
Always follow the plan
Real-time collaboration
Show your team's impact
Streamlined approval process
Improve project transparency
Trust the top security security
Get the assistance you need

We offer packages to suit all teams


Suitable for fast growing team

Project planning and team work together

Free package features plus:
$9.80 The user / 月份


Suitable for large teams

Enterprise-level security and scalability


Suitable for teams with complex work needs

Advanced tools and analysis for teams with complex requirements


Free package features plus:

Wrike for the marketing team

Powerful features tailored for marketing and creative teams

Build quality with speed and scale to deliver a consistent brand experience across the globe。

  • All Enterprise package features
  • Wrike add-on with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Can be in all file types (picture, file, video, HTML, SharePoint) more than 30 file formats for interactive proofreading
  • Visual markers and instant conversation
  • Comparison of side-by-side and overlapping assets
  • Automated multilevel approval
  • External stakeholder (visitor) approval
  • Tailor-made marketing templates, pre-built dashboards, and advanced presentation and data visualization
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) integration
  • Advanced resource management and capacity management
  • Marketo and Salesforce plus 400 + integrations (provided as add-ons)
  • The first real-time cross-channel activity performance insights (provided as add-ons)

Wrike for a professional services team

Powerful features tailored for professional service teams

Turn billable hours into revenue quickly by adhering to project delivery time。

  • All Enterprise package features
  • Project, portfolio and team resource management, and capacity planning
  • Responsibility based resource management
  • Backlog project and demand management
  • Estimate project time commitment and easy drag assignment
  • Custom work schedule
  • Automate time tracking and scheduling
  • Performance insights into billable hours and team utilization
  • Users, responsibilities, and project billing and rates
  • Plan vs.. Actual cost item finance column
  • Visitors proofread, review, and approve
  • Customized professional service templates, pre-built dashboards, and advanced reporting and data visualization
  • Integration with Salesforce, NetSuite, QuickBooks, and 400 + other integrations (provided as add-ons)
The pricing outlined here is only valid for new services purchased on or after July 1, 2021 and does not apply to any previously purchased services。 Wrike reserves the right to adjust the mix and pricing at any time。

Unlock unlimited possibilities

The only work management platform that allows your team to work consistently。

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